Évora Bon-Acosta

Évora Bon-Acosta

Program Director
America SCORES Bay Area

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About this Speaker

Évora Bon-Acosta grew up in Marin County, a first-generation soccer-loving daughter of Mexican immigrants. She was raised in the largely Latino “Canal” neighborhood of San Rafael, the same neighborhood where many of the SCORES students she coaches today are growing up.

Évora is working exclusively with girls in a new SCORES league that was launched to create equitable access to soccer and to provide girls-only spaces. She’s working with teams in both San Rafael and San Francisco, and the opportunity to combine her passions for both soccer and writing thrill her.

Évora is also a lover of linguistics and is fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian and has studied some Mandarin as well. She hopes to pursue her interest in language and shared connections within a diverse world with continued study of Linguistic Anthropology. On a break from her college studies now, Évora is looking to pursue that goal at Merritt College in Oakland.

She loves to hang out with her dog Ipo, a “sweet chunk” of a Blue Nose American Staffordshire Terrier.

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